“The Abbie” New Monument, Ludington Michigan


This bronze monument was installed just last week!! I will post more on it as images and information are made available!! A short documentary is currently in production that explains, from beginning to finish, the process of creating such a work. Stay tuned!!

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1st Place in the ARC International Salon (sculpture category)

Some Very Exciting news!! The Reaper won first place in the Salons international competition!! The ARC (Art Renewal Center), is a very prestigeous show with some of the biggest names in the art world. The 2014/2015 International ARC Salon Competition with an approximate 2,500 entries this year by over 1,050 artists. The most exciting part is for the first time many of the works from the ARC Salon, including The Reaper will be exhibited in a live traveling exhibition that will start at the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, Spain, where it will be on view from November 17th till December 28th to celebrate an intense collaboration between Europe and America for representational art. The ARC Salon’s works will be mounted at the same time the MEAM mounts its 8th Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition. The MEAM competition is organized by the Foundation of the Art and the Artists, which is, along with the ARC Salon, the other most important competition for representational art in the Western world in which more than 2,300 artists from more than 90 countries participate. The ARC Salon portion of the show will then travel to New York City, where it will hang at the Salmagundi Club from January 18th to February 4th!!

I am very honored and excited to take part in this historic event!!

The Reaper

The Reaper

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Phoenix Fire Training Academy; Entry Monument!!

PHX_Fire_Model_1500plxs.jpgPhoenix Fire Training Academy_paramedics detail_1500plxs.jpgparamedics_PHX Fire Monument_Bronze_1500pxls.jpgPhoenix Fire Training Academy_Mother and Child detail_1500pxls.jpgPhoenix Fire Training Academy_paramedics detail2_1500pxls.jpgmodel_final monument_1500pxls.jpgPhoenix Fire Training Academy_Side B_1500plxs.jpgPhoenix Fire Training Academy_SideA_1500plxs.jpg

The Grand Opening of the new 50 acre training facility took place in June 2014. The dedication ceremony was very nice. Just as Summer really began sizzle! I had installed the monument almost a year before the overall training facility was finish and dedication. I plan on posting the process of newer monuments and new works as they unfold. Please feel free to comment or ask questions!!

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Exciting News!! 2x life size bust; Coast Guard Headquarters in DC!!

Douglas Munroe_Coast Guard_1500pxls.jpgDouglas Munroe unveiling ceremony_aboard the USS Munro_1500pxls.jpgDouglas Munro Bust_Clay_1500plxs.jpgmunro rough cast.jpgDouglas Munro_unveiling ceremony_1500plxs.jpg

The Large bust of Munro has been unveiled within the lobby of the Douglas A Munro building (Coast Guard Headquarters Washington DC) This project was an Exciting one!  It came somewhat as a Surprise.  Several years before I was asked to do a life size bust of Douglas Munro. Douglas Albert Munro (October 11, 1919 – September 27, 1942) is the only member of the United States Coast Guard to have received the Medal of Honor, the United States’s highest military award. Munro received the decoration posthumously for his actions as officer-in-charge of a group of landing craft on September 27, 1942, during the September Matanikau action in the Guadalcanal campaign of World War II.

The bust of Munro was destined to be mounted aboard the USS Munro until the ship retires.  Fast forward to this past year– I received a call informing me that the Coast Guard had a brand new Headquarters in Washington DC and the  name of the main building was The Douglas Munro Building.  the life size bust for the Cutter Munro was liked so much that they wanted the same bust redone 2x larger for the lobby.

Enjoy the images attached.  Feel free to ask questions about the event. I’ll do my best to answer!!

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